Runner’s High

Granted, running in the Mile High City with ambient medicinal air on the running paths, might in and of itself be a Runner’s High……. but this is about average Joe & Jane plodding along on any run.  Need motivation to get out there and churn your feet? 

Check out this NPR article shared by Prana Fitness’ beautiful friend Elise:  “Wired to Run:’ Runner’s High May Have Been Evolutionary Advantage”

Running (or any endurance sport) produces narcotic-like chemicals in the body that bring on a state of euphoria.

The runner being interviewed is asked about a Runner’s High.  Here’s my favorite part from the article:  “…When I ask her about ‘runner’s high,’ she lights up. ‘Oh, it’s really like an empowerment. And zen at the same time. You feel strong and light, and you feel relaxed.'”

Love, love, love this!  Running and yoga each bring about this simultaneous strength & invigoration blanketed with tranquility & lightness.  It’s what made me fall in love with yoga.  Get out & run, ya junkies 🙂

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