Dudes & Yoga

Last night a girlfriend asked me, “Does he go to ALL your yoga classes?”  Ha. My husband does come to 3 classes a week of mine.  I think mostly because he likes to elbow the guys next to him and smart off about getting with the teacher.  But I do know he loves the sweat and the challenge of yoga.  He is WAY better than me now in headstand and handstand. 

This is me & the hubby in double down dog a year ago.  We need to take some more updated yoga pics together!  Google image search “partner yoga” and it’s pretty incredible.

So what about dudes doing yoga?  This article from Mind Body Green prompted this post.  Read it and let me know what you think.  It gives 5 reasons that dudes should do yoga.

  1. Your upper body will get stronger
  2. Your core will thank you
  3. You’ll alleviate stress
  4. It’s a cheap date
  5. The women

This morning I taught a 6am yoga sculpt class at a local gym and had 5 guys who were 50-years-old plus.  And 1 girl.  And me.  MORE GUYS THAN GIRLS.  At most of my other classes, it’s about 50/50 guys and girls.  It’s one of my favorite things to have a gorilla-armed weight lifting dude pop into a yoga class for the first time because his personal trainer suggested he should try it out.  And I love watching the strength build, flexibility improve, and just the transformation happen into a deeper, balanced, and core-rooted level of fitness.  Yoga is the ultimate cross training.  It’s not easy, but it’s a journey you won’t be sorry you embarked on.

Not to mention, guys, it’s a freaking great place to pick up a date 🙂  Speaking of dates, if you’re in the Denver area and single, check out my friend Amy’s business, Yoga Dates Denver.  Pretty incredible.  Go, Amy!

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