National Running Day

Today is National Running Day! Get out there and move those feet.

Fill in the end of this sentence “I run……”

Some of my favorites I’ve seen are

  • I run because it’s cheaper than therapy
  • I run because it’s my salvation
  • I run to be a better person
  • I run to achieve Foximus Maximus!
  • I run away from drama
  • I run no matter what
  • I run to see the sunrise
  • I run to feel free and alive
  • I run for life!
  • I run for myself
  • I run to see what I’m capable of
  • I run because I can
  • I run for cancer
  • I run so I am the best mom I can be
  • I run because I love to

My ending would be “I run to feel centered.”  When I go for a run, it is me and my mind all alone, working things out and finding a rhythmic tranquility.  I love that running is intensity adjustable- if I feel like running chill and relaxed I do- if I feel like running pedal to the metal I do- if I have 30 minutes or 3 hours to run I can adjust to fit.  I love that running gets you somewhere- you see the city sights or the awesomeness of nature- you can swing by your favorite or a new sweet shop for a bite on your route.  I love that running makes me more observant of everything and everyone around me.  I love that running works every inch of my body.  I love that running is measurable so that I can be so dang proud of my accomplishments and blast my doubts out of the water.  I love the rhythm of the feet on the ground, the breath puffing along, the guidance of the strong trunk.  I run because it makes me appreciate and take in every moment.   I run to feel centered.

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