Excitement of Prana Fitness

Over the last few weeks, as I’ve had lunch & chai with friends to chit-chat, I was reminded of the excitement I get when I share my vision for Prana Fitness.  So this has inspired this blog post so you all can see where I’m headed with this crazy little passion of mine!

Mission:  Prana Fitness will provide yoga-based fitness support to allow every individual -regardless of ability to pay or level of fitness- to reveal his or her healthiest self.

5 years from now:  Prana Fitness will be a recognized non-profit. We will have a team of teachers, coaches, and trainers.  We will hold free yoga classes in different styles in our Prana Fitness Community Center, as well as in corporate workplaces and schools.  We will lead daily group runs and group bike rides with different meeting places and times throughout the Denver metro area, to include after school programs for kids.  We will participate as a group at area races and events.  We will have a volunteer crew of personal trainers and nutritionists who will give an hour a month of their time in our Prana Fitness Community Center to meet one-on-one by appointment with individuals to create customized meal plans and customized at-home no-equipment-needed workouts.  We will have in our community space free demos for making simple and inexpensive healthy meals.  Our community schedule will be filled with various free workshops from local yogis, doulas, athletes, urban gardeners, chefs, massage therapists, and mental health practitioners.  We will support a holistic, healthy lifestyle from all angles.  Prana Fitness participants can check out any fitness/recipe books or DVDs from our up-to-date library.  Our social media staff member will have developed a bigger following of people across the city and even world who believe in our mission and are on their own healthy journeys, fostering relationships in the community to partner with our cause.  Our board of directors will meet via web conference once per quarter to discuss the next big expansion moves for the organization, status on fundraising events and grants, and bounce around ideas/feedback.

10 years from now:  Have a pod exactly like above in several other major metropolitan areas in the US, each with an operating/managing director reporting to the board of directors.

I have no problem dreaming big, right? Ha ha ha.  So thinking back to the present moment, I’ve got going on right now the tiny baby seeds of the Denver Prana Fitness:  I’ve got the blog, website, logo, LLC, flyers & biz cards, yoga certifications, wonderful loyal supporters (YOU!!!), and I’m working on establishing more relationships within the Denver yoga, fitness, & non-profit communities to help bring more of this beautiful dream to fruition.  What do I see as the next little steps, or what would your 2012 donation to Prana Fitness support?:

  • Hire a few hours of an attorney’s time to review my rough draft Articles of Incorporation
  • Have the first web meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Apply officially with the IRS for the 501c3 non-profit status with the required huge application fee and then wait 3-9 months to hear back if it is approved
  • Spread the word about Prana Fitness via guerilla marketing at various races, events, and yoga festivals in Colorado
  • Make up first batch of Prana Fitness t-shirts for volunteers to wear and vinyl decals to spread name recognition
  • Establish more running groups and more cycling groups at different weekly times and locations in Colorado (lead by volunteers at this point)

And guess what? The first ever donation-based event to benefit Prana Fitness is going to be held on Friday, July 27th 7-8:15pm at Commons Park Denver by Root Yoga Center!!!  It will be a yoga class taught by me, hands on adjustments provided by the amazing LeeAnn, live DJ’d music provided by Martin, and a yet TBD social gathering & food right afterwards.  Any donation no matter how small will take Prana Fitness forward in its next baby step!

What do you think???????????????

It worked. I’m giddy.

2 thoughts on “Excitement of Prana Fitness

  1. I love the excitement and the passion in this post. You’ve got to set big scary goals if you ever want to accomplish your dreams. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you work your plan and get this going.

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