Yoga & Neuroscience

Hi, friends! Here is the article you’ve heard me talking about in classes the last few weeks.  Yoga: Changing the Brain’s Stressful Habits by Alex Korb, Ph.D.

Give it a read! Here’s the juice:  ” As a neuroscientist, despite my initial incredulity, I came to realize that yoga works not because the poses are relaxing, but because they are stressful.  It is your attempts to remain calm during this stress that create yoga’s greatest neurobiological benefit….One of the main purposes of yoga is to retrain this habit so that your brain stops automatically invoking the stress response…The asana practice challenges you in a specific way, but life itself offers plenty of challenges on its own.  Under any stressful circumstance you can attempt the same calming techniques: breathing deeply and slowly, relaxing your facial muscles, clearing your head of anxious thoughts, focusing on the present.  In fact, applying these techniques to real life is what yoga is all about. Yoga is simply the process of paying attention to the present moment and calming the mind.  Over time you will start to retrain your automatic stress reaction, and replace it with one more conducive to happiness and overall well-being.”

So next time a yoga class is kicking your booty, smile and relax.  LOVE this.  What are your thoughts?


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