Running Stitch

What causes side stitches? That pain in your side when you run, that feels like a big cramp? I always thought it had to do with eating or drinking too much prior to a run, especially fiber.  This NYT article suggests it might be from poor posture.  This running coach Mindy Solkin offers that it can be caused by not pacing well, starting out the gates  too hard.  This running coach Jeff Rochford (same article as Mindy) says that side stitches are the body’s way of asking us to slow down. Experimenting with the nose-breathing suggested by ultramarathoner Scott Jurek as reviewed by No Meat Athlete’s Matt Frazier (see my last post), last night during my run I made a side stitch go away by slowing down and breathing through my nose only, sealed lips.  Crazy!

Avoid side stitches:

  • Slow down
  • Don’t hunch over and relax your shoulders
  • Breathe through your nose
  • Drink in small sips before & during

Sound like the yoga cues from your last yoga class instructor? THEY ARE!!! 🙂

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