“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”
-Anaïs Nin*

I have been sharing this thought with my yoga classes this week.  Our yoga mats are some of the safe little sanctuaries where we can dive inside ourselves and do an exploration or an overhaul, whatever is needed.

Look inside to figure out why we see the world the way we do. If we’re in a bad self-criticizing mood, then we see other people’s successes with spite & jealousy, we are small-minded, and see everything is working against us.  We are rigid and stagnant, afraid of change.

If we are in a good self-compassionate mood, we see other people with more acceptance and we see our actions working with the spinnings of other people & the universe to bring together exactly what we need in our life at each moment, even if that’s very different from what we could have envisioned for ourselves.  We become more resilient and better able to roll with the punches.

Change inside yourself first, and you will find it changes how the world looks and feels. Change of mood starts with setting the intention to be more self-compassionate.

* Anaïs was a cuban-french saucy feminist bohemian author living in NY & CA in the early 1900’s.  She worked with a famous therapist Otto Rank and journalled extensively; her journals were published. The 1990 film Henry & June is based on her life.

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