“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.”  This adage has been what I’ve shared with my yoga classes all week.  Hope it makes you laugh, too. 

So often in life we’re just so dang rigid.  We tell ourselves what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, with whom it is going to happen, how, timing, etc.  Then when a wrench gets thrown into that plan, BOOM, implosion, we’re lost without bearings, un-grounded, off-kilter, no idea what to do.   When we realize that life is a dance, that the more agile and resilient we can be, the more we can make our stumbles just be part of the dance.  The more you own your own dance and laugh, the more confidence that you have, and therefore emanate to others around you, giving them permission to stumble and gracefully roll on into the next improv step. 

On our yoga mats (or on our run, or on the ride, or whatever your element is), this is where we can practice being agile and resilient.  Soften out of stiffness, relax away the shoulders, melt the forehead.  By doing so, we change how we react to crazy insane things that happen to us off the mat.  Over time, we rewire the brain to react to stress or challenges with more calm and more resilience.  There is enough rigidity in the world.  We can be fluid.  We can make our custom, flowy, sometimes-the-music-has-stopped-and-it’s-awkward, but gorgeous dance all our own. By loving our dance, we can make our dance beautiful.

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