“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.” -Rumi

Here’s the thought I’ve been sharing in this week’s yoga classes.  Let me know what you think and please share your own stories!

When I was in college I had no definitive idea what I wanted to do for a career.  I just majored in what I was drawn towards and loved and took faith that my resultant career would work out for my greatest happiness.  And it has brought me to a great company for 6+ years and a great team.

I was later drawn to running, drawn to yoga, drawn to cycling, without a clue what my end purpose was going to be.  I followed my heart and it’s brought me to an incredible place right here with teaching and Prana Fitness, and incredible connections to people like you.

In my relationship with my sweet hubby of 9+ years, when each of us make conscious decisions to be drawn towards one another and not grow gradually away from one another, then things work out and bring us to place of fulfillment.  When you allow yourself to be drawn towards what you love, what results just feel right.

It reminds me of the idea at the end of the book Eat, Pray, Love where the author reflects on her journey, her ups and downs, and recognizes that it was her future self the whole time who had been pulling her struggling self forward in time, with reassurances and whisperings.  Don’t fight the draw and the pull you feel in your heart.

I don’t necessarily know what the next stages of my life are going to look like.  But I know that if I just am open to being drawn and pulled forward by what I love, that I am setting myself up for the greatest and most passionate things of my life.  Each time I step on my yoga mat, I more clearly hear the voice of that draw, those reassurances and whisperings in my heart.

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