Workday Yoga

Sitting at work with your shoulders scrunched up, arched forward towards the computer screen, and hips that have been creased for hours?  Check out this idea  of taking 10 minute yoga breaks during the day.  Your smelly Marlboro co-worker can do take a break every few hours.  Why can’t you?

I have the opportunity to teach a 45 minute yoga class once a week in the next office building over from mine.  What a cool employee benefit to provide at very little expense (*hint* hint* any HR folks reading this).  I’m amazed at how even taking a little break in my workday to teach changes how I react to stress the rest of the day.  I’m rejuvenated when I come back to the office.  Can’t even imagine how cool it would be to practice for a full 45 minutes.

Good hip poses that you can do in front of your desk space would be half pigeon pose and figure 4 pose.  After you do these, stand up tall with a wide stance and take a little back bend to let the hips open and flood with energy.

Good shoulder opening poses that are office-friendly would be a forward fold with bound hands or a supported half lift with your hands on a chair.

Increase your motivation and satisfaction while at work.  Make your body feel more invigorated.  Do you do any little breaks like this at the office? Do share!

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