Eating Cleaner

Sure, we’d all like to eat organic produce over non-organic, but it’s pricier and harder to find.  

The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit that independently researches and tests produce from around the country and comes up with a ranking of produce.  The worst 12 are called The Dirty Dozen, the most commonly pesticide-contaminated and genetically modified produce.  The best 12 are called The Clean 15, the least contaminated, and not a big deal if you buy non-organic.   

So instead of stressing about the high cost of buying ALL your produce organic, if you buy the Dirty Dozen produce organic and the rest of your produce non-organic, you will avoid 80-90% of all pesticides & GMO exposure. 

And I eat a non-organic apple a day….. should probably look at switching that for organic as it’s the dirtiest of them all!  Food for thought.

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