Here is the thought that I’ve shared in my yoga classes this past week:

I’ve been participating in this nutrition program at Root Yoga and one of the big principles is being mindful.  I’m terrible at this in most applications because I’m always on the go go go go and then some.  It’s been a nice change of pace to practice mindfulness of what I’m eating, which I’ve of course crafted to apply to mindfulness when I’m on my yoga mat.  What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness means being fully present, not thinking about the past or future, but being, feeling, experiencing, savoring, living.  Mindfulness means letting distracting thoughts be acknowledge, accepted, unjudged, but then allowed to float away like clouds.   The outcome of mindfulness is being fully engaged in whatever you’re doing, heightening your sensory experience of it, and therefore increasing the satisfaction and meaningfulness of what you’re doing.

Generic? You bet.  Generic so it can be universally applied.  How unfulfilling is it to be eating and distracted doing a million things then to look down and your plate is empty, not having tasted or appreciated what you ate?  How unfulfilling is it to be in a conversation with a friend only to catch part-way through that the friend is completely somewhere else in their head and not engaged at all in what you’re saying?  How unfulfilling is it to be in a carefully crafted yoga class and you’re stressing about the to-do list you have to tackle after class wraps up?  How could this affect your interactions at work?  Listening to your kids talk about their day? Your intimate moments with loved ones? 

Wherever you may be, be 100% there.  On our yoga mats, let’s practice being mentally present, feeling each muscle hugging to bone, feeling the air and warmth flow around us, feeling the swirling rhythm of breath, feeling how every fiber of our being experiences a given position.  This in and of itself is a meditation.  Being present, being mindful, letting go over things that are elsewhere.  End result is a heightened sensory experience and greater fulfillment; wherever you may be, be 100% there.

Let’s do it 🙂

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