Healthiest You Series: Intro

Hey, Prana Fitness friends!  I’m super excited to share with you all this 4-part series of blog posts that I have had in my noggin for months.

With so many extreme diets, infomercials, and he-said-she-said-million-experts out there, it can be difficult and overwhelming for someone to know where to start on becoming healthy.

The hubby and I get lots of questions from friends asking how we did it- how the hubby lost 160lbs and counting- how I lost 45 lbs- and how we keep it off years later, getting fitter and stronger.  We don’t really know what to say on the fly other than that it’s a lifestyle. There is no perfection.  And there is no one-size fits all.  But here is what worked for us in a 4-stage process.  Hopefully it makes the Healthiest You journey a little more approachable for just one person out there!

I hope you all read the posts in this Healthiest You series.   It will be the first time the hubby is guest blogging on here.  We’ll share personal experiences, personal struggles & workarounds, our next goals and where we’re at now, etc.  We’re open to feedback.  Please comment on each post of the series letting us know your own experience with that stage, what worked, what didn’t work, how you feel, where you’re going next, etc.  We’re a community and we all learn from each other.

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