Healthiest You Series: 1- Get Checked Out

Get annual physicals with your healthcare professional.

  • Recognize complicating factors to your healthiest body like insulin resistance, underactive thyroid, depression or un-dealt-with mental health issues, allergies/celiac disease/intolerances, etc.
  • Educate yourself and know that there is a way around or through whatever obstacles are in your way. Don’t become paralyzed- don’t let it stop you- don’t stand in your own way.

We have people we love who have diabetes or other insulin resistance, people with chronic knee pain or cartilage deterioration or arthritis, people with degenerative muscle and neurological diseases and MS, people with cardiovascular conditions and sensitive hearts, people with heat-induced epilepsy episodes, people with exercise-induced asthma, people who have allergies to gluten, dairy, wheat, nuts, etc., and people with no mobility.

Getting checked out by your doctor and dealing with phsyical, emotional, and mental challenges is vital to embarking on your journey to the healthiest you.   Get ok’d ahead of time for what workouts, foods, or therapies are safe, suitable, or necessary for your situation.  Educate yourself and become your own best expert.  Find support groups online or at your local hospital or clinic to chat about what has worked for someone in a similar boat as you.  Take workshops or cooking lessons.  Check out recipes from cookbooks or blogs.

Bottom line is that with determination and patience, we can work around our obstacles and become healthy.


Luckily we haven’t had major health obstacles compared to some people out there.   I had slight hypothyroidism, but other than, in our situations, we consider ourselves so lucky; all workouts are ok for us.


I had spinal fusion of my lower vertebrae 8 years ago, with a long recovery period and (even up to now) hip and back pain.  In June of  this year I was cycling and was hit by a vehicle with residual shoulder (AC joint) pain.  I find time to get in whatever workouts I can do with my own unique situation.  

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