How Do I Get Started in Yoga?


Got this question from my beautiful cousin this week and a few friends lately.  “How do I get started in yoga? Any tips?”  Well, here’s my 2 cents and I’d love to hear yours- please comment and discuss.

Do a Google search for yoga studios around you. Try out a bunch of different classes in different styles of yoga with different teachers. You’ll try out a lot before you find a style that really feels awesome for you, and everyone is different; there is no right or wrong with it. Some people like hot yoga, some like a more flowy yoga, some like more restorative/gentle yoga, ashtanga, anusara, hatha, iyengar, forrest etc. Keep experimenting and mixing it up until you find what is JUST RIGHT for you.  I cringe a little when people are like, “yeah, I tried a yoga class once….” Try a lot. Classes, styles, and teachers are so incredibly different.

That said, a lot of studios have deals for new students, like a free week of yoga, or a free class of yoga, or $20 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga. So be sure to ask about deals when you’re checking out the studio.

Don’t worry at all about inflexibility- that will come on its own. Over time you’ll experience you’re getting deeper and deeper into poses and stretches. Without even having to think about the details, your body will let go of emotional baggage just by the movements you do. Each yoga pose has an emotional component to it your teacher may or may not talk about in class. Just move, do the best you can, don’t worry about what anyone else in class is doing, and just try to relax your shoulders and hips into the poses.

Just like anything you do, it will take at least a few weeks before the habit is built up, so stick with it even when it’s hard, then before you know it your body will love it and crave that big ol’ stretch and opening.

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