Thai Massage Denver2

Here’s the thought I shared in this week’s yoga classes:

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” -Caroline Myss

The mind races with a million questions at any given point, having this need to sort and classify the plethora of information or unexpected events we are bombarded with daily.  Thoughts race through our mind, perplexing us, puzzling us, challenging us to make logical decisions, weighing the pros and cons, never resting a particular subject until it lands upon a concrete answer.

The heart (or I think soul in this quote) on the other hand FEELS rather than thinks.  It tells the mind to shush, that everything is unfolding exactly how it knew it would unfold the day you were born, that nothing HAS to make sense, that sometimes things not making sense is part of the raw chaotic beauty in things we experience. 

Sometimes it can feel like our mind and our heart are having it out, not in accord.  However, if we can quiet the mind, then we can hear the heart.  Yoga, meditation, massage.  Slowing down the mind, thinking of the breath.  We can hear and feel what the heart knows to be true. 

I had an amazing experience getting a massage this past Saturday from the wonderful massage therapist Elise at Half Moon Denver.  I went into my appointment with a chaotic mind trying to make sense of things that didn’t easily make sense, trying to define and organize things that weren’t easily defined, and I had a heart that was so full with emotion that it felt like it was going to burst.  Somehow during that hour of quiet, Elise was able to make the contents of my heart seep out into every fiber of my being, the sweet heart contents pressed out to my very periphery. And in that full body meditative state, the mind quieted and I could feel my heart, but most importantly I could BELIEVE and TRUST and FOLLOW my heart.  Chaotic mind put to rest. 

Then on Sunday getting a massage from my hubby coached by the wonderful massage therapist Amy of Lifestyle Republic during a workshop, the contents of my happy heart were further pressed into every fiber of my being.  Quiet the mind.  Feel and follow the heart.

I encouraged my students this week in their yoga classes to quiet the mind on the mat and just let the contents of the heart seep into every fiber, inch, nook, & cranny.  In final savasana, looking behind closed eyelids towards heart center, realizing the supremacy of the heart in the whole big picture of ourselves, we learn to listen and trust.

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