Here’s the thought I’ve shared in my yoga classes this week 🙂

Uncover and express your most vibrant self.


The ajna chakra, or third eye, is a center of energy in the forehead just above the brow.

From a physical standpoint, it’s the location of a nervous plexus, or a bundle of nerves that comes together there. When we’re in child’s pose or a forehead-to-knee pose, and we apply pressure to the forehead against another surface, we’re asking our entire central nervous system to calm down.

From a mental standpoint, the frontal lobe of the brain is where we subconsciously look when we’re telling a story and trying to remember a detail or a mental image- it’s our place of recall.

From a hindu/taoist perspective, it relates to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. It symbolizes a state of enlightenment or evocation of mental images having deeply personal, spiritual, or psychological significance. It’s associated with the sound om. Focus on this allows students to tune into the correct vibration of the universe and gain a solid foundation.

And finally from a yoga perspective, your third eye center is your headlamp from which you shine out your amazingness to the rest of the universe. 

This weekend there is a Shine Spring Equinox Celebration at Root Yoga Center here in Denver and in preparation for it we’ve been talking about shining your inner brilliance.  Uncover and express your most vibrant self.  In the moments on our yoga mat, we’re able to conjure up those images and sensations of our own courage, strength, and beauty, then express that out through our third eye center until every fiber of our being believes it and feels it, then allow that to shine off our mats to everyone we encounter.  We then believe it.  Others believe it.  Others believe it of themselves, too.

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