Here is the thought I am sharing in my yoga classes this week:

“Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.” – Rumi

We can find ourselves engulfed with worrying about hypothetical situations that are likely never going to be even close to happening.  Taking a thought that crosses our mind, and letting our mind run wild and rampant with it into a million unlikely paths, will overwhelm our senses and can close us down.  It makes us fixate on a fake future, instead of drinking in the beauty and preciousness of the present moment.  It paralyzes us.

Does this sound like you at times?

The back of the heart, between the shoulder blades, is a place called the heart chakra where we bear this stress overload, where sometimes it can feel like a cinder block has formed. This 1 of 7 energy centers of the body is where we store worries about others, and freeing up this space with stretching, forward folds and arches, other deeper yoga poses, and meditation is like giving our worries up to universe (or your belief in a Divine) to handle from here on out, letting go of things we can’t change in others or things happening to others that we can’t change, letting go of our own nonsensical hypotheticals that can rack us.


My favorite yoga pose when I’m feeling overwhelmed like this is a baddha konasana variation.  Sit on the ground with sit bones planted, glute muscles scooted out behind you.  Place soles of the feet together, a little ways further out in front than you would for a gym class butterfly stretch.  Then stretch your belly button forward towards your feet, getting as much length and lift as you can in your low torso.  After about 30 seconds of that extension, allow your upper body to fold and surrender forward, arms draping nice and relaxed like a rag doll, head totally relaxed like a bowling ball on the end of a string, dissipating any tension and tightness between the shoulder blades and back of the neck, not a single muscle of the body engaged.  Hang here for about 30 seconds building up over time to 2 minutes, then slowly roll your way up, and lay on your back for a few moments, soaking in the release you just experienced in the back of the heart space. Let your knees relax towards the ground and the fronts of the hips open up.

Looking past the thoughts of the mind allows us to feel the present moment.  Drink in the sweetness of the present moment, those around you, the life you have, the love in your heart, the quiet of your mind, and savor the sweetness of being so beautifully alive and present.

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