Somewhere Beautiful

Here are the thoughts I’ve been sharing in this week’s yoga classes:

Whatever is happening

“Whatever is happening in your life, do not preoccupy yourself with the question why? But rather ponder more on to where these events will be bringing you.  Know that you are being led somewhere beautiful, beyond your present harsh reality. Once you get to the where, then you’ll know the why.  Trust the process.”  -unknown

We often get hung up on this control freak need to know why every little step of our lives is happening, stuck on the small picture instead of the big picture.  When we sink into that trap, that’s when we doubt people in our lives and question genuineness, paralyze ourselves on an external locus of control, get stressed out and clench onto more tension and worry than we need to.  From a yoga perspective, this manifests itself with tightness in the body and rigidity in the mind/emotions.

Forget the need to understand the why behind every little step in your journey of life.  Go with the flow- when life tosses a jab at you, bounce up and keep dancing on your way.  Know that hiccups along the way are not derailing but they are part of the plan.  How much lighter would you feel if you let go of that need to know the why and you just trusted that you were being led into something beautiful.

This reminds me of the end of the book Eat, Pray, Love, (spoiler alert!!!) when the author Elizabeth Gilbert realizes that it was her happy future self who had been pulling her unsure, struggling self through the darkest times of her earlier life. We should all trust that our future, sure, certain, confident selves are pulling our current selves through whatever we’re dealing with and into something BEAUTIFUL!  Trust the process.  Let go of physical, emotional, and mental rigidity.  Embrace the dance of life.  You are being led somewhere beautiful.

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