Here is the thought I shared with yoga classes all last week.


It’s an idea from Bliss Sisters.  “We develop grace when we learn that life will unfold exactly as it should. Until we can fall into an ease and acceptance of the flow, we will be struck with a feeling of struggle, an uncomfortable resistance, or a need to control. And when we exclaim, ‘Nothing is happening as it should,’ we invite more unpleasantness in. The embracing of the good and the bad, as circumstances that have something to celebrate and teach, is how to arrive at, and maintain, a place of happiness. Breathe and gracefully go with the flow.”

I love that this reminds me to think big picture and to not get tripped up by tiny little hiccups thrown into my path.  Learning to loosen mental and emotional rigidity (starts with letting go of physical rigidity on your yoga mat!) will allow us to “gracefully go with the flow” and find ease, acceptance, and happiness.  Don’t make your way through life like rush hour stop & go traffic- dance your way through life, with gracefully meandering leaps and twirls.   We cannot tell life what is going to happen when.  And we cannot tell life that this is not how something is supposed to go.  We can view it differently, lighter, flexibly, and with more love.  We grow and learn through each hard and beautiful step of the way.  Remember to breathe. You’re strong enough and resilient enough to make it through anything.  Keep that graceful flow going!

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