Here are the thoughts I’ve shared in this week’s yoga classes:you-never-know-how-strong-you-are-until-being-strong-is-the-only-choice-you-have-friendship-quote

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Last year I had the chance to take a workshop from the wonderful Colleen McEahern on how to guide meditation for my yoga students .  The most poignant thing from that experience was the imagery of an infinite well inside of each of us.  Deep inside of us is this infinite well, limitless in its depths, and contains strength, beauty, passion, and calm.  At any point, this strength within us is available for our use.  When we think we’ve used up all our strength, dig deeper inside the well because there is more and more where that came from.  Sometimes we don’t know this well is even within us until something challenging happens in our lives that makes being strong is the only choice we’ve got.  But going against that little quote I shared above, what if we could know that well of strength is within even during happy times?  How big would we dream if we knew we were strong enough to accomplish anything?  How huge would our smile be if we knew we could make it through anything that life might toss our way?  How fearlessly would we give and love if we knew we were strong enough to bear any heartache?  How boldly would we slough off others’ doubts and limitations if we knew we were infinitely strong and sure inside?  What if we realized what’s really inside of us?

So how do we get to feel that well’s presence within us, and then easily and repeatedly day in and day out keep remembering it’s there and easily like second nature just draw on it whenever we need?  I think it has to do with softening the outer shell that guards the well.  Our sight can’t see through a solid brick wall.  But our sight can see through light air.  Melt away the physical tightness on your yoga mat.  Let go of emotional tightness, fear, doubt in your quiet alone times.  Unclench the mental rigidity, brooding, grudging.  Soften and calm in every part of the body, heart, and mind.  Let go of more. And by doing so, you will have a clear sight line at all times to that infinite well of strength inside of you.

Another blogger puts it nicely: “Inside each and every one of us is an infinite well. An infinite well of determination, drive, guts, grit, and will. At any point we can tap this and accomplish things that we would normally think to be impossible. We just have to believe, and that well is endless. When you need more, you just dig deeper. Each of us can do more than we think we can, and is capable of more than we think we are.”

An author Dr. Patti Diamond calls this the infinite light or infinite wellbeing that’s inside each of us: “We already possess within us all that is needed for perfect infinite wellbeing.  It is simply a matter of peeling back the layers and choosing to look inside. We will discover an infinite light so bright and beautiful…Inside, every soul has this same infinite light and uncovering it is what healing is all about. All is absolute love and we are absolute love.”

You are infinitely strong.  You are infinitely beautiful.  You are infinitely brave.  Act and love with that knowledge.  Exude to the world that infinite truth that lies within you.

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