Never Too Late

Here are the thoughts from this week’s yoga classes:

Never Too Late

“It’s never too late or…too early to be whoever you want to be…there are no rules to this thing.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

I love this idea of how none of us need to feel stuck on the trajectory of life that we’re on.  You don’t like something- change it.  Now or anytime.  I reflect back on my own personal journey towards fitness, and honestly, I can say that’s all it was- a simple decision that I didn’t like something and that I was going to change it.  We don’t have to wait for the perfect moment, the perfect running shoe purchase, the perfect yoga pant size, the perfect group of supporters, or the perfect alignment of the planets.  That’s ridiculous. Seriously, just start now. Do something.  Do anything.  You’re strong enough.

Check out this great post from my sweet friend Jane about just this: Stuff and Stuff about Other Stuff.  Get out there and just start being fit now.

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