Here are the yoga thoughts from last week’s classes:

We all have a bad habit of comparing our dramas to those around us, creating disconnect instead of supported connection.

Check out Be A Real Girl’s recent blog post called My Stress is Better than Your Stress.   After having read that post, a few weeks ago I was chatting with a girlfriend about how to help someone I care about through a really difficult place in her life, but that I felt unsure how to be there for her because her burdens to bear in this life were so much bigger than mine, that some really crazy stuff had happened to her in her life that I couldn’t possibly begin to know what it must feel like, and that I felt it would be offensive in a sense to think it possible to empathize.  So this self-doubt that I could be of any support to this person put me in a place of inaction, and not reaching out.  The wise friend I was chatting with explained to me about hurdles…

The biggest hurdle in my life, the hardest thing I have ever been asked to conquer, is just that.  My struggling friend’s biggest hurdle in her life, the hardest thing she’s ever been asked to conquer, is just that.  Looking at it in that sense, we are each dealing with or have dealt with our biggest hurdles.  We are working on the same thing.   We’re not given things in this life we can’t battle through and come out stronger on the other side. This little mindset shift gives me the courage to reach out to people dealing with hard things in their life, with a little less comparison or intimidation.   We have a lot to give in connecting with others, and a lot to receive in return.  Recognize that you’re valuable, they’re valuable, and cease the comparisons.

Like Be a Real Girl says, “Sure, there are people out there who have it much worse than you, no doubt.  And it’s worth recognizing that at times.  But your life is just as valuable as theirs is.  Your stress is just as worthy of your attention as theirs is.  So give yourself a break. ”

This past week in yoga classes we played with the arm balance hurdler’s pose (aka Eka Pada Koundiyanasana II).  Here’s the instructions on how to get into it.  Have fun and recognize that hurdles connect souls.

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