Here are the yoga thoughts for this week’s classes:

I ran across this article late last week while thumbing through a magazine and even though I wouldn’t applaud the whole article, I thought the picture map is a fun way of telling yourself to not worry about things you can’t control. If you can’t control it, why worry? Let it go.  If you can control it, why worry? Do something about it and move on.

Then a few days ago I found myself dispensing similar advice to a friend of mine- focus on what you can control, which is your reaction and your attitude- nobody runs your life for you.

But just recently I caught myself in the stupid self-sabotaging spiral of pointless thought- wasting energy about things I can’t control and don’t want to care about.  It just reminded me of how dang short our resolve and determination can be.  I mean really? I JUST got done reading that article, JUST got done teaching a yoga class where I preached to students to let go, and JUST got done telling my friend to put on her big girl britches and go out and live her awesome life.  I must have the attention span of a toddler and the memory of a granny.  So that makes me think all of us humans likely do.  Remind yourself all the time, over and over again: “Why worry? Seriously….”  It’s going on my office wall.

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