Pie Chart

Here are the yoga thoughts from last week’s classes:

Epiphany from my beautiful sister last week.  Imagine life as a big pie chart, with each piece of the pie representing a part of life such as a relationship with a sig other, specific friends and family members, job, hobbies, dreams, belief system, etc.  Where we get feeling off balance in life is if one piece of the pie grows to enormity and overtakes the whole pie.  Keeping the sizes or allocation of the pie pieces in check is what we strive for when we say we seek balance in our lives. 

How do we keep the size of each pie piece in check?  I think it’s recognizing our own limitless inner strength and beauty.   When we begin to see ourselves as strong beyond belief, we know that if one piece of the pie falls off the pie plate and leaves our life, that we’ll be just fine. We recognize that we aren’t defined by any one piece of pie.  This allows us to appreciate the present.

This isn’t to be confused with detachment.  Rather this is you being you for you, not you being something else for someone/something else.  And you being you is authentic.  Authentic attracts authentic.  Meaningful attracts meaningful.  Seeing and realizing your inner strength each day, wearing your strength with your shoulders held high, will enrich your fulfillment with each pie piece.  See and live your strength and beauty.

You’ll be just fine 🙂

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