Here are the yoga thoughts from this week’s classes:

Yoga brings us 2 beautiful sensations: invigoration and calm.  The sequencing of different yoga poses, compression followed by release, right side up followed by upside down, twists and stretches, makes the blood/energy/prana within our body move quicker, less-obstructed, and fuller.  The sensation is that every fiber of our bodies is more alive; we can actually feel life coursing around inside of us.  The practice of learning to let go, to unclench places we subconsciously clench, to find softness and slow enduring breath during challenging poses, the inward gaze of clearing the mind, all makes a blanket of calm lay over us. 

There is something amazing that happens at the crossroads of invigoration and calm: SURETY.  When we walk fully alive, with our chest held high, and have this calm serenity about us, we know that the path we are walking, wherever one foot in front of the other leads us, that we are going to be just fine and be on the path that’s just right for us.  It’s our path, our walk, our limitless strength.  Be sure of yourself. You are incredible, strong, and infinitely beautiful.  Walk like you know that.  Know that.

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