Love Because it Feels Good


Here are the thoughts for this week’s yoga classes, an excerpt from the incredible Brave Girls Club:

“Try to love…just for the sake of loving, expecting absolutely nothing in return. Try not to take offense at snarky comments or disappointing interactions with people in your life. Love them anyway. Smile at them anyway. Encourage them anyway. Give everything you’ve got as a act of love to your own self, because it feels good. Be the best, happiest, most generous person you have ever met simply for the joy it brings to you. Any wonderful response you get back will just be an added bonus – not something you expect or even hope will happen. Try it, brave brave girl. You will be amazing, and you might even get addicted to this way of living. It’s where the good stuff is.”

We all have our moments where we fear rejection or we are slow to extend the hand of friendship because we don’t expect anything back in return.  But get over that.  Reach out anyways, expecting nothing back, but reach out because that’s who you are, because that’s authentic, because that feels good.  Love for the sake of loving.  Each time we do this, we slough off walls around our hearts.  Each time we do this, we become a little truer to ourselves, a little more filled with love and joy inside our heart, and a little more following our internal compass.

Stepping onto our yoga mat and doing poses that open the heart space and area around the heart (like cat/cow, threading the needle, camel, rabbit, fish) will do us wonders for helping us hold the heart high and keeping it emboldened.  Doing poses where we look at the heart (like plow pose or deaf man’s pose) will visually stimulate the mind into focusing on that place, a.k.a. following and trusting your heart.  Doing poses that stimulate the forehead or third eye (like child’s pose or knee to forehead poses) stimulate the energy center that acts as a headlight shining your heart out to the world around you,  brighter and truer.

Love for the sake of loving, because if feels good, because it’s who you are.


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