Sometimes we can be cynical when someone tells us that we’ll make it through our current challenge or change and that we’ll be “just fine.”  I will share some wise advice.  Instead of rolling your eyes that that well-meaning friend has no idea what it’s like in your shoes, and wonder how they could possibly know that you’ll be just “fine,” try shifting the paradigm to shed your old notion of “fine” to embrace the idea of a new kind of “fine.”  You will be a new kind of incredible, beautiful, authentic, evolving, amazing “fine.”  String all those future “fines” together and the beauty of your possibilities unfolds before your eyes.  On our yoga mats, we shed the old rigidity, physical and emotional.  We see our infinite strength and calm inside.  This leaves us with a powerful sense of confidence and surety that no matter what, we’ll keep rolling forward into our new amazingness.  Embrace how incredible you are.  You are so so more-than-fine. You are you.  Perfect, incredible, limitless you.

Smile 🙂

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