More about Hurdles


As a continuation of this blog’s September 25th post on hurdles, here’s a little more about the subject, shared yesterday by Brave Girls Club.  I couldn’t help but pass it along because it is so so so Prana Fitness:

Dear Terrific Girl,

Hurdles come up in all of our lives and show up sometimes when we least expect them. Sometimes the hurdles are too big to see over and sometimes they are small enough to jump over.

When you come to a hurdle, you just have to make a decision, no matter how big or small the hurdle is. You just have to decide that YOU WILL MOVE FORWARD in spite of the hurdles.

Walk around them. Jump over them. Chip away at them with a chisel. Bulldoze them with your bright smile and optimistic attitude. Turn them over and use them as a fort. Build something cool and creative out of them, or sell them on eBay…but WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T LET THEM STOP YOU. Not for one single minute.

You are stronger than all of your hurdles. YOU ARE. YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE. Don’t let anything or anyone ever tell you anything different.

You are one extraordinary woman. Keep it up!

You are loved.

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