Peace in Truth


This week’s yoga class thoughts were again excerpts from Brave Girls Club. Their messages have just spoken to me so much lately.  I think during this season of hectic holiday busyness, of flu bugs and cold bugs running rampant, and end-of-year business pushes, it’s a good reminder to take time on our mats to breathe and journey inward to find the calm surety that comes realizing the truths inside us.   We are infinitely strong, infinitely beautiful, and infinitely calm.

When we base our happiness, measure our value and center our lives around things that could be gone tomorrow, we feel a sense of panic all the time BECAUSE we know those things could be gone tomorrow. When we place all of our value on … anything… that is out of our control, life can feel pretty scary and shaky, and it is almost impossible to find peace in our hearts.

Truth never changes. Truth never goes away. When we focus on the truths that are deep inside of our hearts that no one can ever take away from us, we can finally rest in those truths and not try so hard to hold on to things that could be gone so quickly.

Hold on tight to what you know to be beautiful and true…Focus on the things that you can control…

Life is meant to be beautiful and peaceful, but it takes some practice, dear friend! It is worth the practice time and it is worth letting go. YOU are worth the practice time, and you are worth what it takes to let go.

You are so loved.

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