Announcing: 2 More New Videos on Prana Fitness

Check out the Prana Fitness website ( and click on the video tab.  In addition to our existing 3 videos, we just posted 2 new videos today!  Be sure to cruise on over there to check out “Boot Camp Instruction” and “Boot Camp Workout” both led by Whitney with the support of Tease Studio in Denver.  Do the instruction video your first time through for a break down of each move in safe detail.  Then once you’re comfortable with the moves, pop on over to the actual workout video.  Crank up your music and let the sweat flow.

We’re so excited here at Prana Fitness.  Let us know what you think!  What other videos do you want to see posted on the website? More yoga? Yoga for runners? Prenatal yoga? Kids yoga? How to pick out a new or used bicycle? Abs workout?

Happy weekend!

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