Break Free


Here are the yoga thoughts I’ve been sharing in this week’s classes:

Each of us has a song in our heart- a big, beautiful, gorgeous, giving heart.  Sometimes we let other people cage that heart up, sometimes we cage up our own heart, and sometimes our cage is open but we’re just afraid to fly out.

The actions of others can sometimes be completely unfair, sometimes downright sucky.  Because of one person’s maliciousness, we may lose others as friends.  Because of a situation’s stressful pressure, we might let ourselves be tense and panicked.  Because of long-engrained limitations on what we’re capable of, belittling and berating, we might view ourselves in the shade of how others tell us to view ourselves.   Despite the efforts of others to cage up our big heart, it’s still our decision to give someone else the power to do that or to resist it and fly free and authentically.  Concerning a situation like that of someone else’s actions really affecting me, my sweet bestie last night reminded me that “you have every right to leave it right there in the f’ing bubble while you continue in the real world.”  And she’s right.  We choose to let something overpower us or not.  Leave the dang cage there rusty on the floor and fly on, friends.  There is oh so much bigger, better, and brighter out there for you.  Trust that and fly.

Our thought patterns are powerful in building ourselves up or putting ourselves down.  If we victimize ourselves, feel sorry for ourselves, dwell without action on injustices, then we are going to be negatively-focused and keep ourselves in the cage.  Don’t choose to trust someone else’s opinion of you over your own knowledge of yourself.  Newsflash- they’re not you.  They don’t know your deep down heart. They’ve never walked in your shoes. They’re going to think whatever they’re going to think, we most often can’t affect their opinion, and so their opinion has zero effect on you.  Choose to believe yourself, to see the limitless strength and infinite beauty inside of you.  Choose to celebrate every mini success.  Choose to savor each little thing that brings you pleasure or lights up your eyes.  Choose to only surround yourself with people who let you do that and who don’t try to change that.  Drop others’ expectations on what we should or shouldn’t be doing with our lives.   See how truly incredible you are.  No one is like you- you are uniquely you- and you do a dang good job of being you.  Choose to look at the good, the positive affirmations, the happiness.  Stop holding yourself back from your biggest craziest dreams.  Stop caging up your own heart.  Drop the cage and fly on, sweet friend. Trust yourself.  You know you want to fly.

If you find yourself having a hard time dreaming big, believing big things are achievable, or believing that your future happiness is worth the chance of taking a risk now, please please please give yourself a little credit.  The door to your cage might be open already, you might not have any outside influences affecting you to stay small, you might already know you’re strong and incredible, but maybe the world of big dreams and the unknown is scary to you.  Maybe the cage is quite comfortable.  To this I would dare to say that your dreams aren’t big enough.  I’ve heard the saying that “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”  It is undoubtedly and completely ok that dreams are scary.   Imagine your most incredible future. If absolutely nothing was holding you back, what would you go after? A few months ago I made a list of 100 things I will do before I die.  It was fun to create, was hard to get past #60 or so, but once I finished the list, the biggest impact it had on me was taking a bird’s eye view of it, not necessarily looking at any single line item, but looking at the list as a whole, and letting it paint a picture of who the future me is, free, adventurous, flying, and loving.  Now that I see and feel who that future me is, I know into what I’m flying out of my cage towards.  Dream big, bold, real, and authentic.  Trust that the current fear of the unknown will subside and that any current risk will be so worth it.  YOU are so so worth it.  You know you are.

Each of us has a song in our heart- a big, beautiful, gorgeous, giving heart.   Choose to fly.

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