How Did Prana Fitness End 2013?


How did Prana Fitness finish out 2013?

We had blog readers from 84 countries.

Non-profit status is still pending review (our 501(c)3 application was submitted December 2012) by the IRS specialists for development.  Will continue operating as not-for-profit in interim.


3 new members joined our Board of Directors (bios and pictures coming soon to our website) for the 2014 calendar year.

We planned, filmed, edited, and posted 5 new videos onto the video tab of our website.  We furthered our goal of enabling everyone everywhere the chance to have fitness tips, advice, workouts, and yoga classes at their fingertips.

We recently came back from our Facebook and workshops sabbatical of 5 months.  Thank you for your support and continued commenting on the blog during that beautiful time of re-self-creation and soaring.  Prana Fitness is up to some great GrEaT GREAT G-R-E-A-T things for 2014!

Feeling so full of love and gratitude.

Thank you with all my heart.

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