Here are the thoughts for this week’s yoga classes:

The journey we travel to arrive at who we are today is not always pretty.  Often there has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  But we can be proud of who we are because that journey was uniquely ours.  We made it.  We fought all odds, leaped over all obstacles, let go of what wasn’t meant for us, chose certain paths, and are who we are today because we were brave and bold to do what our soul needed to do.

In our yoga practice, there is no ending pinnacle pose that we achieve and then throw in the towel.  Yoga is a practice.  There are no such things as static poses.  In each asana, the body is moving, deepening, adjusting, breathing, exploring, strengthening and letting go.   We continually journey towards uncovering our strongest and most unfettered selves possible, a journey that is never finished, but in which the health and satisfaction are to be found within each beautiful movement and breath.

In the quietest of moments, we journey inward towards our soul, reflecting on our deepest fears, desires, and dreams, figuring out what motivates us, what calms us, what fulfills us.  We learn to listen to our heart, to trust our gut, to do what makes us feel free. The journey inward is continuous, always exploring and then putting into action what we’ve uncovered.

Do not allow yourself to be so caught up in wishing you were already where you want to be that you lose the present moment.  Honor the unique journey of your past that has brought you to where you are today, and enjoy every step of every day, each breathe and heartbeat, for the present moment is to be savored, the journey is to be enjoyed, the sweat to be appreciated.   Someday you’ll look back and wish you remembered what the flowers on your path smelled like.

Be so so proud of who you are.  You fought to get here.  Transformation of the soul happens in the journey.  LOVE the person you have become.  Love you.

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