Real Skin

Here are the thoughts for last week’s yoga classes:


A sweet friend of mine Charlotte had this adage a few weeks ago in our conversation- “It’s easy to be confident in fake skin. It’s challenging to be confident in real skin.”

If you think about it, if nobody knows the real us, if nobody knows what we’re really thinking, what we’re really feeling, what’s inside our hearts, it’s super easy to be confident, to be fake, to be overly outgoing, because our passions are hidden and not vulnerable, not exposed.

Each time we step onto our yoga mat, our rectangular sanctuary, we have the chance to feel what it’s like to be in our real skin, to let go of the impossibly hard standards we put on ourselves, to let go of others’ expectations, to expose our heart and hips, the most sacred and private places on ourselves, to practice saying “world, here I am, here’s my heart, here’s my vulnerability, I accept it, and I don’t care if you accept it or not, this is me.”

The next time you are in a pose where you’re feeling vulnerable (I love extended side angle pose for this practice), maybe your heart is bursting open, maybe your hips are splayed wide, maybe your belly is stretched to the sky, take a moment to slow your breath, and turn the vulnerability into comfort.  The more comfortable we become in our most physically vulnerable positions, it affects how comfortable and real we feel when we’re emotionally vulnerable, or heart-honest, exuding our natural selves.

Try on your real skin.


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