Spring Training #2

Spring is here! Let’s dust off winter with some heart-pumping spring training.  During the month of April, Prana Fitness is going to post daily one workout move or yoga pose that you can do at home, at a park, or anywhere.

April 2nd: Side Plank


Begin in high plank, then pivot to the side, lifting one arm up to sky.  Flex both feet so ankles are at strong 90 degree angles.  Squeeze ankles and thighs together.  Keep tailbone tucked in so rump doesn’t jut back behind you and compromise your back.  Squeeze belly to spine.   Lift hips up to straight line or even higher to a rainbow arc. Press down into ground especially on the thumb, forefinger, and top corners of palm (see image below on How to Avoid Wrist Pain in Yoga).

To modify side plank to make it easier (if your hips are dipping downwards), try bending knees and placing stacked knees on the ground. Keep straight line from knees to crown of head.


4 thoughts on “Spring Training #2

    1. Hi, Rural Route Runner! Thanks for commenting. Hold as long as you would like. Initially, hold for maybe 15 seconds each side. If your form starts to droop and you can’t reengage to good alignment, then that’s your max and you should take a break. You can build up to potentially holding 1 min each side. Good luck in this full body strengthener!

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