Here are the yoga thoughts for this week’s classes:

“To embrace the pain of growing wings, of tearing open your best guarded box”

It’s an excerpt from a poem by the blogger Desencajada. I read this poem in Real Girl’s blog post in February and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since then.  It is such a beautiful way to explain as RG puts it “the raw reality of being real.” Desencajada means being out of her place, being un-boxed, un-caged.

This little phrase “to embrace the pain of growing wings” captures that growing into something new can be uncomfortable, that becoming something bigger than yourself is initially awkward, but then the freedom comes, the ability to spread your wings and fly, to be you and to soar.  Being real and authentic is a process like growing wings.  It involves un-caging yourself, doing away with self-imposed limitations or the expectations of others.  Trust the process, follow your heart. Your wings are trying to unfurl.  Let them!

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