Spring Training #5

Spring is here! Let’s dust off winter with some heart-pumping spring training.  During the month of April, Prana Fitness is going to post daily one workout move or yoga pose that you can do at home, at a park, or anywhere.

April 5th: Up-Downs


Begin in high plank, belly squeezed into spine, tailbone tucked in, legs and flexed feet squeezed together, ankles at strong 90 degree angles.  Then lower one forearm to the ground, positioning the elbow directly underneath the shoulder. Then lower the other forearm to the ground.  Then push up to high plank onto your palms again, one arm at a time. Repeat, moving up one at a time, moving down one at a time.  Focus on moving slowly and preventing wild rocking side to side with the torso- you get a great obliques workout in trying to stabilize the core.

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