ANNOUNCEMENT: Workshop Sponsorships


Prana Fitness and Root Yoga Center have partnered to bring you an incredible opportunity to deepen your yoga practice.

Once in a while, we will be able to offer one complimentary spot in an upcoming yoga or healing workshop.  Some students cannot afford to attend workshops, and we’d love to remove that road block for one individual at a time to enjoy a soulful experience digging into their hearts and their bodies.

Since there is only one complementary spot and high interest, please send an email to with your name, commitment that you’re able to attend the workshop, and a sentence or two describing why you would love to attend the workshop.  Use the subject line “Workshop Sponsorship.”  We will select at our discretion the one attendee and notify of selection via email, after which a complete registration on the Root Yoga Center workshop page will be needed (but yay- without payment! 🙂 ).

The first workshop for which we’ll be testing out this new sponsorship is coming up on Saturday, May 10th.  Please submit your email by end of day Monday, May 5th.

Saturday, May 10th | 7 – 8:30pm

Journey to the Spirit, Sacred Sound Healing for the Body and Soul, with Claudia Ingraham


Quantum physics has proven that everything has a vibration, especially in sound. When we use sound coupled with intention, we can direct sound vibration to raise the body’s vibrational frequency. Negative energy can make us physically ill or emotionally depressed and restrict our ability to reach our full physical, spiritual and mental health. By using singing bowls, we emit a soothing vibration that radiates out negative energy and allows your to live in harmony with your surrounding environment.

• Clear your chakras and release negative energy through the vibration of sound

• Heighten your intuition and improve concentration

• Reduce your stress levels and enhance your creativity

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