Spring Training #16

Spring is here! Let’s dust off winter with some heart-pumping spring training.  During the month of April, Prana Fitness is going to post daily one workout move or yoga pose that you can do at home, at a park, or anywhere.

April 16th: Kneeling Squats


Kneel on the ground with knees out shoulder-width distance apart, big toes touching behind you.  Most comfortable is to do this on a soft surface like grass or a folded over yoga mat.  Keeping your torso upright and not leaning forward at all, lift your hips up to stack above the knees.  Squeeze glutes together behind and push your hips as far forward as is comfortable.  Then keeping your torso upright and not leaning forward at all, lower your hips to hover just above your heels.  Repeat. Challenge yourself to not sit on the heels between lifts.  Squeeze tummy into spine.  Have a neutral and long neck. Keep your shoulders relaxed.  Lead the lifting and lowering with your chest.

To modify kneeling squats to make it easier on your knees, try this laying own on the ground on your back.  Replicate the same leg positioning up in the air.  Move the legs forward a few feet (or away from your chest), then draw them back up towards neutral. Repeat.

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