Jar It Up

Here is the thought for last week and this week’s yoga classes:


Choose to jar up the beautiful moments of strength, happiness, and calm.  When life is chaotic, reach into your heart, grab the jar, open, take a big whiff.  Remember the good to carry you through the hard.

What is it about our human habits that makes us so quick to forget the good moments to fixate on the drama-ridden moments?

A dear friend of mine, has a busier plate than most people.  When I asked how she was doing, she told me all the things she had gotten done.  When I was really proud of her and asked how incredible that made her feel, she went right into how she was so overwhelmed with what is left to do.  Pause,  sweet friend.   Just pause.  Don’t race so fast. Take at least a couple deep breaths to look around and acknowledge or be proud of what you’ve done and already tackled. In our lives, we can make it a regular practice to just pause once in a while, take a deep breath, and reflect on all the beautiful things you have seen, loved, improved, and grown in.  Don’t be so quick to skip the appreciation of life and devalue your efforts.

Another friend of mine is in a very difficult, strict career and struggles with being downtrodden on a regular basis.  When he was telling me about a project he had done that received recognition by his superiors and how that made him feel, he explained that he was going to try to jar up that moment of recognition and carry it with him to make it through all the difficult and challenging times ahead.  In our lives, jar up the one good thing that happens, that we’re proud of ourselves for, that we feel respect about, and let that knowledge of your value carry you through moments where you question yourself.

And another beautiful, inspiring yoga instructor friend of mine doesn’t believe when I tell her how she exudes a motherly energy of calm to fellow teachers, students, and her kids.  I know that she really does ignite a spark of love inside everyone she comes across.  She instead tells me she feels like a chihuahua in her head, and is overwhelmed with all of her responsibilities in the home and in the studio.  Dear beautiful light friend, please stop to breathe.  Stop to see that you’re giving light and good, and that can only come from the light and good that your every fiber consists of.  Please see that you’re positively affecting those around you.  Pause and let the inspiration others feel from you fuel the belief inside yourself that you are full to the brim of goodness, and that you’re infinitely calm and strong.   Let others sing your song to you when you’ve forgotten it.  Let the love from others reflect back onto you.  Let it keep you warm.  Let it ground you.

There is inside of our hearts a shelf filled with jars.  Each jar can contain a moment of sheer happiness, simple pleasures in life, accomplishments, peace, strength, and endurance. Moments where we felt real, authentic, present, savoring, grateful, and at home.  This shelf is infinite and can hold millions and millions of jars.

When we need it most, when we feel chaos or discouragement, we can reach for a jar on that shelf, open it up, and take in a deep breath to relive that experience, to remind us that life is beautiful and precious, to remember that we are infinitely strong and peaceful, to enter a mindset of gratitude presence.

The next time you’re in one of those beautiful moments, PAUSE, savor, feel, experience, and jar it up inside your heart.

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