Spring Training #22

Spring is here! Let’s dust off winter with some heart-pumping spring training. During the month of April, Prana Fitness is going to post daily one workout move or yoga pose that you can do at home, at a park, or anywhere.

April 22nd: Heels to Heavens


Lay on back. Extend legs into air. Stack heels above knees above hips. Relax shoulders and arms.  Take a big inhale, and exhale lift the heels straight up into the air, inhale to drop hips into the ground again.  As the tailbone curls up into the air, pull down strongly into the ground with your belly.  It’s a very small movement, tailbone not lifting up more than an inch to a few inches.  Resist the tendency to rock the legs forward and back- don’t let legs come towards your face at all.  Imagine the heels are on strings tied to the sky, being lifted straight up.  Do as many as you can.  Get it!

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