Spring Training #31

Spring is here! Let’s dust off winter with some heart-pumping spring training.  During the month of April, Prana Fitness is going to post daily one workout move or yoga pose that you can do at home, at a park, or anywhere.

April…..wait!….we’ve got an extra one!  : Frog Extensions


Lay on back. Lift legs into air.  Flex feet. Bend knees and take legs out as wide apart as possible.  Parallel calves to ground.  Take a big breath in.  On exhale, extend heels straight forward (like you’re sliding them straight across a coffee table) about a foot or more and then curl tailbone up off the ground.  Draw down with belly.  Hold a few breaths.  Then lower tailbone to ground again, and draw knees back in line with your hips.  Repeat.  Major ab workout! Get it!

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