Remember this post about how Prana Fitness was collaborating with Root Yoga Center to sponsor one free spot for an attendee in the Sound Healing Workshop? Well it happened and it was incredible.  Here’s the sponsored attendee’s writing about the experience:

Good Vibrations

“A few years ago after a 90 minute yoga class, I listened to a recording of Tibetan singing bowls as I entered savasana.  It was the first time that I experienced that deep, trance-like meditation where you truly feel the post-asana energy whirling throughout your body and the flow of prana that you built up during the class.  It felt like I was melting into stillness, and there was something about the healing sound that just resonated with me.
Since that experience, I have embraced the healing power of sound.  Sound sets a mood, and it has such a powerful effect on how we feel during the day.  Our bodies and minds react so differently to sounds.  Consider the reaction to loud drilling versus ocean waves and waterfalls.  While I work, listening to classical music helps me stay focused.  When I feel the need to clear my head or get something off my chest, I’ll hum to open up my throat chakra.  In yoga, chanting is the first step to meditation, and those rolling “om’s” create a special connection that helps foster a deep mental clarity.
Recently, I had the honor to attend Claudia Ingraham’s Sound Healing Workshop at Root Yoga as a guest of Prana Fitness.  For the first time, I experienced the healing vibration of the singing bowls.  Feeling the vibration of the healing sounds was such a special experience.  It is difficult to describe the deep healing because it was so unlike anything I have experienced.
As I laid in savasana, I could feel the soothing vibration of the singing bowls roll out the angst, stress, and worries dwelling in my body.  While the sound of the gong echoed across the brick walls of the studio, the vibration of the gong echoed through my body, crumbling those mental blocks full of unproductive and negative thoughts.  At times, I felt like I was struggling to let go of the “rope of nasty thoughts,” but when it was severed by the vibration, I felt so free.  The vibration was more powerful than negative energy.  I felt so much lighter, like a load had been taken off my back.  As the session came to an end, Claudia smoothed the energy down my body and grounded me at my feet.  My worries, angst, and stress evaporated and were replaced with clarity and peace.
A few days later, I am relaxed, renewed, and energized.  I’m naturally drawn towards the positive.  I am grateful for this incredible feeling of well-being and continue to embrace it.”

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