Perfectionist Rehab

Wild Ride

Here are the thoughts from last week’s yoga classes:

Confidence will come when you get over the mental hump of not letting yourself believe that you actually deliver good. You have to trust yourself.

I grew up in a world where image and looking perfect was paramount, despite the dark secrets behind closed doors, don’t seek help, don’t be real, don’t find what really lights you up, don’t fly.  Then I was in an unhealthy relationship for way too long where I kept myself too busy as a subconscious defense mechanism for my own physical safety and emotional fulfillment, where I was caged from flying and being the real me.

Maybe you have (as most perfectionists do) something from your upbringing or life experiences that you need to let go of, some impossible ideal that you need to be a certain way to be worth anything or for someone to be proud of you. Valuing your self-worth based on how others view and value you is a formula that will never work.  You will never be able to relax and just be.

And when you can realize that you- just as you are- is just right- because it’s just you- and only you can be you- that’s when you can start to relax and feel free to do what you want, when you want, and whatever you could possibly dream up.

It’s your own damn life.  Everything is going to be a ride.  A wild ride.  A usually unpredictable ride.  But that’s what makes life beautiful. And life can be sloppy with slip ups, but it’s your own life and it’s therefore perfect.

Becoming comfortable with who I am not matter what anyone thinks of me- that’s been a journey and still is.  I love where I’m at.  I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or my life choices.  I’m me and that’s why I’m just right.

On our yoga mats we can practice letting go of the impossible ideal of perfection.  There is no pinnacle yoga pose, no level of achievement that when earned seals out your journey.  There is just practice.  Practice being yourself.  Practice not comparing yourself to anyone around you.  Practice feeling your body and breath.  Practice feeling fully alive and mindfully aware.  Practice stitching together all of your layers and subtleties.  Practice finding peace and wishing peace on those around you.  Practice and celebrate finding challenge, playing your edge, and being proud of learning new things about yourself.  Practice diving inward. Practice loving being in your skin.  Practice continually accessing the infinite strength and calm within you.  Practice not chasing some impossible ideal of perfect.  Practice being you- and in that- you’re just right.

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