Mind & Power


Here are the thoughts I shared with my yoga classes last week:

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you.” – unknown

Nothing and nobody can have control over us unless we give them that permission and power.  No thought can consume us unless we allow it to.

Work on unlearning here on your yoga mat what people have told you about you.  When we live our lives wholeheartedly accepting other people’s labels, then we feel inauthentic when we behave or think differently, or worse yet, we grow through time not thinking bigger or beyond the box of that label.  Decide for yourself what truths you know about you.  Don’t accept what anyone else has said, for ill or good. Determine by experience in this present moment, things that you feel and observe firsthand.

You are not others’ expectations.  You are not what others have labeled you.  You are a free person, a unique person, and the only you that there is.  You write your life.

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