Go For It

Forbes_Moira Ingrid & Joann

Here are the thoughts for this week’s yoga classes:

I had the opportunity to attend an amazing women’s empowerment luncheon on Monday and hear from Moira Forbes, Ingrid Vanderveldt, and Joann Eisenhart, 3 female corporate powerhouses.

Moira said, “In order to gain confidence, you need more self awareness – know who you are and feed that side.”

Ingrid said, “the fastest antidote to lack of confidence is action.”

Joann said, “I get power by giving it away,” which is the power gained through empowering others.

And my favorite takeaway was a study Joann cited: when it comes to corporate America’s internal job promotions, a woman will only apply for a promoted position if she feels 100% qualified, but a man will apply if he feels 60% qualified.  Now, taking away gender stereotyping (I’m sure there are males and females probably in each of those camps), the real issues is why the heck do we all set the bar so high for ourselves and continually sell ourselves short?  There’s something to be said for just going for what you want.

On your yoga mats, be brave and courageous.  Slough off all negative self-talk or subconscious clenching.  Be self-aware. Feel by firsthand experience just how strong, calm, and amazing you are.  Then wear that strength on a daily basis off your mat.  Don’t sell yourself short. Go for what you want. Take action.  Live your life with your heart forward.  Empower others around you to find and live their strength, too.  Use your influence for good.

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