Courageously You


Here are the thoughts from my yoga classes two weeks ago:

Have the courage to be you, and to not get in the way of the universe.  If I have the courage to be authentically me, to exude love from every pour to anyone I pass on the street, to respect myself and love myself, to take me time when I need me time and to give when I have heart to give, to just be me and let the rest fall away, then the universe can happen and unfold how it’s supposed to unfold.  We can’t predict anything in life.  But we can be open to anything in life.  We can be emotionally flexible and toss aside rigidity.

An example- what if I decide to not be courageous one day?  I might teach a yoga class and be absorbed in negative thoughts about myself or something going on around me.  And then it affects my teaching. Maybe I wouldn’t be as bright as usual. Maybe I wouldn’t be as observant. Maybe I wouldn’t reach out and massage or adjust a student in class who only came because they needed human touch of any kind, haven’t had loving human touch in days maybe.  My lack of courage would cause me to get in the universe’s way, to not put in that person’s life what they came to that class to receive, to not see the potential new connections in my life around me.

Another example- what if I allowed my mind to fixate on devaluing myself or to replay perceived inadequacies or self-judgments?  I might not see that it causes those who love me, acquaintances and friends and lovers, to feel hurt that I don’t see what they love in me.  It may make them feel that all their love was in one ear and out the other.  I remember a quote my best friend and I in high school taped on our bedroom doors- something about a true friend is a mirror showing you your greatness- and also another one about a true friend sings your song back to you when you’ve forgotten the words.  People love us because we are good.  We are all innately good.  Surround yourself with people who gently encourage that realization inside yourself.

If you’re a very religious person, you could say do not get in the way of God’s work, be an instrument in the hand of God.  Personally, I prefer the blanketing term “universe,” because it can be understood by more people.  Don’t get in your own way. Don’t get in the way of things unfolding around you and in your lives.  Don’t squander a sweet spirit placed in front of you to be influenced by each other. Do not underestimate why a particular person is in the elevator with you at the same time.  Be the one who smiles at everyone- you don’t know if that’s the only smile they’ll get that day.  Genuinely care, about yourself and about others. Be courageously you.

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