Seeing Truth


Here are the thoughts from last week’s yoga classes:

“Forgiveness is when we extend our thinking past a focus on someone’s mistakes, recognizing that there is within them– as there is within us all– an innocence that is the truth of who we really are.  The only way I can remember that this innocence exists in me is if I’m willing to remember that it exists in you.” -Marianne Williamson

On our yoga mats, in our rectangular sanctuaries where we explore every facet of our body, heart, soul, and mind, we let go of A LOT.  We let go of physical tightness, some places in the body where we weren’t even aware we were subconsciously clenching or storing tension or long-term emotion.  We let go of walls we’ve built around our heart space, a self-preserving closing in.   We let go of chaotic thoughts to find a calm mind via smooth rhythmic breath.  We let go of self-berating mental messages when we accept how strong and vibrant our body and strength is, all the things it can do, how it feels to be completely alive.    We let go of grudges to others, worries about others, fears and doubts about others, and harder yet, we let go of grudges we hold about ourselves, fears and self-doubts that otherwise would paralyze us.  So there is so much LETTING GO that you’d think at the end of a yoga class, you’d be an empty vase.

But no.  What I love so much about this quote is that it says exactly what’s left after all that emptying. Innocence and truth.  Strength and calm.

Not only that, but then you get into a which came first- chicken or egg- kind of circle.  If you can see what’s inside you- innocence, truth, strength, calm, then it is easier to dump things that don’t serve you, to empty away the excess, to let go.  And as you let go, you clear the sight line to more easily and readily see what’s inside you- innocence, truth, strength, and calm.

Bottom line, make time for self-exploration, self-loving, self-analyzing, and learning to love yourself.  See what is in you. And then afford that same view line to others around you. We’re all just trying to do the best we can, to be authentically nobody but ourselves.  See what’s at your truth.

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