Soul Bits


Here are the thoughts shared in last week’s yoga classes:

“If only eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be” -Karen Salmannsohn

Each of us has different aspects to our personality, different moods, and even deeper than that, each of us has different parts of our individual.  For instance, we might be shy and observant sometimes but boisterous and outgoing at other times.  We may be crabby one day and joyful the next day.  We may be a go-getter in one aspect of our life and comfortable in a different aspect of our life. We may feel our attention is tugged in a million directions, that if we give time to one person/cause, then there isn’t enough for another person/cause.

On the silent solo running trail and in peaceful moments on my yoga mat are some of the only places I’ve found all the bits and pieces that make me up begin to come into alignment, for me to feel like one whole soul.  It’s an amazing and beautiful experience, to not feel fragmented or splintered, but to feel whole, strong, peaceful, just right, enough, complex yet complementary simple.

Close your eyes. Visualize all the bits and pieces that make you up.  Picture them in the sky in front of you like the atomizer in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Then begin breathing deeply, slowly, thoroughly.  Watch as the wisps of your breath extend from your body like a rope, and slowly begin to lasso around the cloud of bits, and tighten the bits to merge, fitting together like a puzzle, melding into one bright beautiful orb.  Then visualize your breath gently tugging that orb towards you, and into your chest. The orb is in your heart.  The inhales cause the glowing beauty to expand, the exhales cause it to condense. The light pulsates. Every breath and movement in a yoga class draws your soul bits together, and your soul warmly pulsates at your very core.  You. Are. Simply. Uniquely. Incredible. Ahhh. Savor.

Offer this same idea up in your view of other people.  What if you stopped assuming that one bit of someone’s soul is all their soul is?  What if you acknowledged that each person you encounter is complex, has people they love, has things that light them up, has compassion, has energy, has fear, has doubts, has moods, has personalities, but has the “just right” soul bits for them?  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  We’re all just trying to bring it all together into wholeness and figure out self-love.  Breathe. Savor. Love ridiculously big.  Ahhh.

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